Personal protective means

We are not a classic distributor of standard personal protective means. Our website offers only such OOPP (personal protective means), which are not generally available or which have some significant specific features.

Protective work overshoes – a protective means used wherever we enter areas with a risk of lower extremity injury or with slippery surfaces and where personnel do not have their own safety shoes. Usually it is for visitors, THP staff, auditors, drivers of other companies or employees from other company departments. These special overshoes have a reinforced metal tip and are made of special rubbers with anti-skid attributes. The protective work overshoes are worn on top of normal shoes. Unlike normal safety shoes, overshoes do not require regular disinfection, which eliminates a major hygiene issue. At the same time this method provides solution to hazardous environments at lowers costs compared with classical temporary use of protective shoes. You can download the order form here.