Health and safety, hygiene of work

Our clients are offered services in the area of safety of work and hygiene of work on 2 basic levels:

I. Legal framework for safety of work, health protection at work (BOZP) and work hygiene (HP)
This first level of BOZP and HP fully covers the statutory requirements and other related requirements of the Czech Republic. This level ensures especially the following activities and processes:

1.Ensuring and organising of activities related to performance of statutory obligations in the full required range of valid legislation in the area of work safety and hygiene, such as:
    a.Finding and assessment of risks, finding the root causes and sources, setting measures for risk containment
    b. Ensuring regular inspections of safety and health protection at work, especially assessment of the status of technical prevention and risk factors in the work environment
   c. Ensuring the training activities for work safety, health protection and work hygiene

2. Conception, creation and management of controlled documentation concerning work safety and hygiene.

3. Ensuring harmonisation with legislative changes in the whole BOZP and HP area.

4. Representing clients at initiated negotiations with state, regional and local authorities.

5. Monitoring, assessment, recommendation and implementation of new safety and hygienic aids, work procedures and organisation methods.

6. Performing analyses of the cause and source of work accidents, occupation illnesses, emergencies, assist in the assessment of work injury compensation etc.

7. Communication and ensuring cooperation with partners in the area of selected technical equipment and applications, special technical facilities and activities.

8. Ensuring measures to provide first aid and contain emergencies and fires in the required range according to local risks.

II. Superstructure level
On this level, we offer services focused at BOZP and HP management system improvement. For this superstructure level we use and provide the following tools:

1. Implementing the OHSAS system according to the international standard SN EN ISO 18001:2007 starting with process mapping, documentation for all system levels implementation up to regular assessment of system efficiency and performance of internal audits according to agreed programmes.

2. Audits of BOZP (safety of work) and HP (work hygiene):
   a. Auditing of statutory BOZP and HP requirements according to valid legislation and related regulations,
   b. Auditing of NV378/2001 requirements, which set detailed conditions for ensuring safe operation and use of machinery, technical equipment, appliances and tools,
   c. Auditing of the OHSAS system according to the auditing directive SN EN ISO 19011:2003
   d. Assessment of manual handling in the work place according to SN EN 1005 – Safety of machinery equipment – physical performance of humans

3. Behaviour management systems “Lead Safe/Act Safe” – these elements of advanced management system in BOZP and HP focus on the behaviour of staff and strengthen the framework of OHSAS system, document the area of continuous improvement and also provide information about weaknesses of the system. The management uses this data to improve efficiency of active BOZP and HP management.