Fire protection

Ensuring, organising and performing activities connected to compliance with the legal requirements set by valid legislation of the Czech Republic, especially:

1. Training of managers, employees and fire prevention officers.
2. Training and education of fire prevention guards.
3. Fire prevention outside working hours and in periods of lower workload.
4. Expert inspections of all work sites and assessment of fire safety.
5. Proposing, checking and optimising of related legal operations.
6. Creating concepts, preparation, ensuring of fire prevention documentation.
7. Proposals for use and installation of fire protection equipment and material aids for fire safety.
8. Proposals and ensuring of conditions for complete fire prevention and containment.
9. Providing solution and harmonisation of legislative changes in all areas of fire safety with organisational, educational and technical elements.
10. Communication and ensuring cooperation with partners in the area of material aids in fire safety and equipment.
11. Representing clients at initiated negotiations with relevant authorities of state, regional and local authorities.
12. Auditing the compliance of fire safety system with the requirements of statutory and other related norms.